Of Gigs and Startups

Emmy the Great’s gig in Cambridge was simply that, great. While I was listening to their “relaxing” music in such a peaceful and “academic” environment, my inner geek came out and I suddenly realized that a comparison between a young band fighting to be on the top of music lists and a startup company trying to grow its customer base and design a unique service to compete in this tough overcrowded market would actually be the subject of my next blog post. I am sure those thoughts only happen in cities like Cambridge where the great masterminds cycled [pun intended] all the way to their success.

I found a few similarities in those two different entities when they are created and start the hard climb to the top;-

– They are brought to life by someone with a passion and a talent. The passion being the love of music or the love for technology and the entrepreneurial spirit. The talent being the voice, natural skills, intelligence, creativity and the capability of turning ideas into reality.

– Finding the right voices, minds and souls to help on your steep climb towards success. Be it a music band that compliments your voice giving wings to your voice with their “music talents” or a real geek like you that contributes to your project filling the gaps that you can’t fill with their technology skills, business experience and mentality or simply with new ideas.

– Successful startup companies need to be highly scalable. They can potentially grow rapidly with limited capital. What is the similarity with a music band here? Perhaps the flexibility towards the winds of change; If your best “guitarist” decides to leave the band, you will be able to go on with someone who can keep the band’s style and keep the character that makes it unique intact.

-For startup companies, if things go dandy (and particularly for those in the technology field), the return for the creators could be huge; Not to mention in the music world; If your style, sound and presence in the scene is unique enough to bring people to your concerts, you won’t need to worry about that concern of us called profitability.

Yes, I know, perhaps next time I should focus more on the music and less on the thinking. Great concert though.

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