Discovering Netsuite

It wasn’t until 6 months ago that I became aware of Netsuite for professional reasons. Perhaps the way I got immersed in this product is not the traditional or most recommended way to learn a Software as a Service tool (or any other tool) but it was the only one I had and it was good enough; My company has built an integration to Netsuite so that users can send text messages to their user database using this software;  This means that I learned a very useful application to establish 2 way conversations using the SMS channel built on on top of this software but without necessarily knowing deeply how powerful Netsuite is and how the day to day users utilize it.

After 6 months of that back and forth trying to learn a little bit more about this powerful software, I was at a Netsuite conference in San Francisco called “Netsuite Suite World” where I finally realized how much customers can achieve and how spread it is across companies that run their business by integrating the CRM, ERP and E-commerce with it. Attending some of the training sessions held at this convention we had the opportunity to see some of the e-commerce sites that are built with it and they were pretty amazing.

Just to give an idea of how successful this company is, they had companies such as Accenture and IBM sponsoring and partnering with them and some other technology companies becoming very well known in Sillicon Valley such as Box, among many other technology businesses.

While on my way to one of the general meetings at the hotel lift, someone described Netsuite in a very simplistic but explanatory way for some curious tourist that suddenly saw their quiet San Francisco Hotel invaded by a few thousand of attendees, to what seemed to them like a technology conference with nice events and lots of networking; “Netsuite is a software in the cloud that integrates your CRM, ERP and E-commerce areas of the business” – No, he was not talking about the San Francisco cloud of fog that surrounds the city most of the time.

Summary and results? It was a great experience to be there, I learned about Netsuite, software, new trends and technologies in Sillicon Valley and got an opportunity for some good business networking.

Jim McGeever, Netsuite’s CTO cited Abraham Lincoln in his last Keynote; I love when smart people cite other smart people because you know there will be some learning or at least some thinking involved: :“Things may come to those who wait…but only the things left by those who hustle.” – So… What are you waiting for?!



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